Atom West (atomwestmusic) wrote in mw_raves,
Atom West

Get Crazy Free Album Download by Me

Get crazy the Album

by Atom West

free download

2009 came with lots of changes for me. I took a break from the crazy amount of shows i played the previous year. I perfected the wild and crazy garage/breakbeat style I was workin on since late 2007 and was pretty happy with it. I tested it out the tracks from this album live on a few shows in Austin and Houston and people loved it.
Upon completion of the 12 tracks I choose for the album I realized something. There is not much call or interest these days from record labels on the sort of fast style I made. Not to mention I used too many bootlegged acapellas because i was hungry for high quality samples and too impatient to find other artists to get vocals from.
So I have decided to tone it down, make fidget/bassline and say no to the bootlegs for a bit. Its already paying off. And with this decision I am making these tracks available for free download.
please spread the love download this and let me know how you liked it. Thanks!

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